Regina Piantedosi Bio



Painting is a calling, a single-minded obsession to communicate. I am as much an expressive painter as an abstraction or minimalist artist striving to create an intellectual experience for the viewer.

Being a true mixed media artist, I work in encaustic, glass, polymers, metal, canvas clothing, glass beads, crackle, wood and paper and use paint, wax, metal, pencil, spray paint, cardboard, pastel...virtually anything is fair ground for my art.

Although I have many themes, two of my trademarks are barren landscapes with endless horizons and seascapes with no horizon , both evoking stillness and contemplation. They are lonely, solitary places which are beautiful and surreal.

Original verse and poetry accompany my artwork, creating a deeper emotional connection and a moving experience for the mind, heart and soul.



Regina is a self-taught, award-winning fine artist with an abstract contemporary focus. Observing her mother’s talent and love for painting for over twenty years, fueled her passion to show life’s emotions, world perceptions and every day directions through art.

She summers at her gallery on the ocean in Rocky Neck, Gloucester, winters in Delray Beach, FLA, and is a career artist. Her engaging artwork covers landscapes, contrasting shapes, objects, nature, abstract designs, nude figures, boats and seascapes and waterways.

Her artwork comes alive, and has multi-direction views and magical results. Her landscapes and scenic paintings have an endless horizon, presence of space and surreal edge, exploring the stillness in the world around us. She is fearless and her work attracts contemplative engagement and analysis. Her unique strokes, luminous layers of color and blended textures welcome self-interpretation and expressive emotion. Being lost in thought with open imagination is an experience she wants each painting to deliver.

As a multi-faceted artist with richly diverse subject matter, Regina uses a variety of techniques, including mixed media acrylic paintings on canvas, glass, metallic surfaces and papyrus, and encaustic wax sculpture paintings. Her “Freak” series of paintings on Yupo paper were bold compositions of complicated creatures that lifted off the canvas. While her minimalist black and white landscape and horizon compositions were soft and calming, making you feel lost in a clouded haze.

As a former screenplay writer, Regina often combines verse and poetry with her artwork to create a deeper connection with the artist’s emotions and ignite a moving experience for the mind, heart and soul which can take you in endless directions. Her intent is to have her work in constant motion.

Regina is also represented by Masterpiece Art, Boston Design Center, Canvas Fine Art of Boston, Hermitage Design and Gallery, McLean, VA, and exhibits throughout New England, with show highlights including The Boston Design Center and the Liberty Hotel. Her paintings have been sold internationally, and are in many artist showcases along the East Coast from Boston to Key West.

Commissioned projects are also welcome on projects within the artist’s scope of work. Regina’s 4th season begins spring of 2017.

On August 15, 2016 Regina was a guest artist on the cable TV show, It’s All About Arts, with Host Glenn Williams and Co-Host Amanda Lamoureux Smith. Her interview may be watched at the link below 32 minutes into the video.

In August 2016, the mixed media painting, "The Human Experience", was on the front cover of the Boston City Paper August 20th publication. Additionally, the paper wrote a descriptive summary in the Art Dujour section about Regina's art.