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Painting is a calling, a single-minded obsession to communicate. I am as much an expressive painter as an abstraction or minimalist artist striving to create an intellectual experience for the viewer.

I work in encaustic, glass, polymers, metal, canvas, clothing, glass beads, crackle, wood and paper and use paint, wax, metal, pencil, spray paint, cardboard, pastel...virtually anything is fair ground for my art.

Two of my trademarks are barren landscapes with endless horizons and seascapes with no horizon , both evoking stillness and contemplation. They are lonely, solitary places which are beautiful and surreal.

Original verse and poetry create a deeper emotional connection and a moving experience for the mind, heart and soul.



REGINA PIANTEDOSI is an internationally collected, award-winning artist returning for her fifth season (May – Nov) at “Regina Piantedosi Gallery” located at 77 Rocky Neck, Mad Fish Wharf in Gloucester, MA. Her work is currently on exhibition at the prestigious Webster & Co., Boston Design Center, and her “Red Skiff” painting was chosen for both the Massachusetts Poetry cover, "Born to be Lonely", and is on the cover of the Rocky Neck walking map.

Piantedosi winters in Delray Beach, exhibiting through the Delray Art League on Atlantic Avenue, and also in Key West.

“I strive to be original and constantly develop new ways to express myself. My poetry ads another layer of context, enriching the experience for the viewer ."

ENCAUSTIC WORK incorporates hand tinted techniques, embedded with amber, antique metals, metallic and other unique objects.

GLASS ON CANVAS is an elegant art form Piantedosi developed in Gloucester using recycled pieces of glass and mixed media to create 2D wall sculptures that are beautiful and unexpected.

METALLIC ABSTRACTS combine acrylic-wash and cold wax with oils on aluminum and other re-purposed metal surfaces to create soft, surreal, dreamy landscapes with the negative space as reflective metal.

MIXED MEDIA is a mixture of unique techniques in photography, collage and mixed media, using canvas and paper surfaces.


“I see a lot of weak craft passing for art. People take a few classes, learn a few tricks on their cell phone, open a gallery and pump out the same unoriginal wall decoration over and over again and never evolving." I am committed to developing a fresh body of work that is singular, emotionally charged, well done and not mass-produced. Art that is awe inspiring and beautiful.”


Piantedosi is also well known for her haunting, lonely singular boats that float in expressionist and surreal backgrounds.


“I especially enjoy commissions. Clients come into my
gallery wanting a different size or combinations of colors in
a piece. I love the collaborative exchange and find the end
result of placing the perfect piece in its perfect setting
extremely satisfying.”


In August 2016, the mixed media painting, "The Human Experience", was on the front cover of the Boston City Paper August 20th publication. Additionally, the paper wrote a descriptive summary in the Art du Jour section about Regina's art.