Six months north and six months south agrees with abstract artist Regina Piantedosi. Last year was Regina’s first year spending the winter and early spring months in Del Ray Beach, Florida for a six month period. Being able to travel around Florida to many different art shows is exciting for the artist as she meets new clients, collaborates with area artists and expands her network of industry professionals and friends. The best part is that she gets lost in her new creations and loves how the seaside environment influences her work. Every day is a new adventure and every new piece is special and has its own story. The passion art brings me, my clients and all who have a chance to view my work, brings an emotional high. Each piece is a new venture and takes me in new directions. She wants people to get lost in her artwork and create their own stories and strong connections.

To learn more about Regina’s travels and show plans we recently caught her for a short interview before she heads south.

Why did you select Florida as the area to showcase your artwork?

I wanted to be in the sun and at a tourist destination. It is becoming like a second home as I have a lot of friends there and attend many shows. Also, my gallery in Rocky Neck is seasonal so it closes for the winter.

How many months do you stay in Florida?

I stay approximately six months and paint constantly where ever I am. The longer I do this, the better I get at the business and marketing side of the business. I have found that finding reliable help, has made a huge difference in enabling me to balance my time. We utilize Lightning Consulting’s marketing services as they have been able to help us with social media and displaying my artwork online. I’ve learned Facebook and Instagram are great networks for displaying my art. Of course I would rather only paint as that is automatic and what I get the most pleasure from. All else comes second.

How much do you paint while in Florida?

I never really think about it as it is part of every day, and I love how every day is different. Last year I painted clothing for the first time which opened up a whole new focus for me. I like the creative freedom to try different techniques and use different materials.

How do you balance the painting, business management and shows?

Doing shows presents many challenges as everything is heavy and dangerous…the tent, the walls, the art... it’s a whole lot of physical work and then there are the hours I put in. There is a lot of smiling and talking, and a drink by the sea at the end of the day is wonderful.

What was the biggest surprise you encountered?

My first fine art show was 2015 in Sanibel Island, and we got slammed with a tornado! I was so lucky some people helped me get my paintings to a shelter just before it hit. My friend's tent went down and got mangled and mud was everywhere while mine shockingly remained standing. Now I'm a seasoned vet with three shows under my belt, and this year I have 5 all over Florida which is very exciting.

Does the environment inspire your art?

Since I'm always in good weather, my art stays pretty upbeat, but I can also be dark and serious. My work at times reflects my mood and environment changes.

How has your art changed over the years?

I find my art is constantly evolving, but I paint in my esthetic, and I know it’s done when I say, "I'd buy that!"

What galleries have you been featured in?

I am represented by "Canvas Fine Arts" and show all over greater Boston and at the Boston Design Center with Masterpiece Gallery. I have my own gallery on Rocky Neck, Gloucester which is open May through October. I also have my work displayed in McLean VA, right outside of DC.

Can you share a client experience?

I have met so many wonderful people who have bought my work. My first boat sailed to Denmark, and an abstract painting is hanging in a home in Japan. My work is now all over the world which is thrilling to me. This season I got a call while out with my husband having dinner. The caller said, "Hello, is this the artist Regina Piantedosi?" Well I'm looking in the window of your gallery and I want to buy a piece. Do do you ship to North Carolina?" That was cool as the art sold itself! Love what I do! Just love it!

You can follow Regina's activities up north and down south on her Instagram page @reginapiantedosi and on her Facebook page.



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