Rocky Neck visitors love the sea, boats and nautical world. When I started painting boats two years ago, they were smaller size paintings, and now I am filling walls with my boats. The boats are in calm to intense stormy seas. Some show little ripples of water while others show splashing turbulent seas. The minimalist approach creates mysterious waters and invites your imagination to take you on new journeys. The boats have found homes all over the world.

Many of our pieces are accompanied with verses. One of the boat verses follows.

waves are my heart beat, a boat, my body

dry docked and land locked, I yearn...to be at sea.

The boats are empty vessels that float in an ambiguous space. I want people to get lost in the paintings and enjoy the emotional experience. Recently, I had a woman cry over a piece explaining she was the boat, the storm is leaving and she is the light.

The gallery of boat paintings above brings forth waves of emotions through minimalist strokes.


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