ON GLASS, Mixed media on glass, canvas, 36x24

On August 15, 2016 Regina was a guest artist on the cable TV show, It’s All About Arts, with Host Glenn Williams and Co-Host Amanda Lamoureux Smith. Her interview may be watched at the link below 32 minutes into the video.

An excerpt from the interview...

If you were designing website and were describing kind of artist you are what would that be? I am an emotional artist because I paint so people have an experience. What's most gratifying for me is when people connect and are emotionally drawn to a piece. I do boats and they are empty vessels and are floating in an ambiguous background. They are minimalist paintings, but when you look at it you get lost in it and need to use your imagination. On the red boat painting I did, the boat is an empty vessel floating in an ambiguous background. That's what it is all about. It is not about what it is or how it is drawn. You stand there and can get lost in it. I recently had a woman cry over this piece explaining she was the boat, the storm is leaving and she is the light.




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